Helicopter sightseeing tours Helicopter tours over Buenos Aires

Helitour 15

  • Helicopter trips Buenos Aires Duration 15 minutes
  • How much does it cost to fly in a helicopter Starting at $270

Panoramic flight over Tigre, Nordelta and the first section of islands of the Paraná Delta. A sightseeing tour that combines the best aerial views of the northern area and the possibility to share with the pilot, who is also a flight instructor, the exciting experience of the helicopter flight, from the preparation of the aircraft to the execution of the different maneuvers.

Panoramic rides by helicopter Price of helicopter rides

Helitour 30

  • Panoramic tours by helicopter Duration 30 minutes
  • Rates of helicopter tours Starting at $450

Helicopter tour over the most emblematic points of the city of Buenos Aires and the northern area. See Puerto Madero, La Boca, the Obelisk, Recoleta, the parks of Palermo and the soccer stadiums from above! This sightseeing tour captivates people of all ages, with its incredible aerial views and the spectacular sensation of the helicopter flight!

Panoramic rides Buenos Aires Helicopter tours over the Delta

Helitour 45

  • Helicopter tours Buenos Aires Duration 45 minutes
  • Helicopter rental Buenos Aires Starting at $720

Come enjoy our top seller panoramic tour, which combines the routes of the Helitour 15 and the Helitour 30, covering all areas of Buenos Aires and surroundings. This scenic flight is recommended to those who expect a comprehensive sightseeing, as well as for those who want to fly on the helicopter as long as possible while enjoying the best aerial views.

Helicopter charter Buenos Aires Give a helicopter flight

Lunch at the Delta

  • Helicopter rides Buenos Aires Duration 20 minutes flight 
  • + 2 hour stay
  • Sightseeing tours by helicopter Starting at $520

Flight to Bajos del Paraná, located on the bank of the Paraná river, plus a 2-hour stay to walk around the island and have lunch at Bistró del Muelle restaurant. On the return flight, we head to the northwest to show you panoramic views of Tigre, the Luján River, and the country clubs of Villa Nueva and Nordelta.


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